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Be Your Own Boss!


You have a dream of being your own boss.

That is a worthy and noble dream.  However, you are the one who determines whether it is a dream or a fantasy....  And not everyone is ready to be their own boss.

How do you know if you are ready... or if you have what it takes?

First of all, review this checklist to see if you are a good fit.

Next, examine why you want to start your own business (yep, to be your own boss, you have to start a business.)  This can help you determine if you have a dream or a fantasy.

Decide on the right business for you.  I would suggest something you are passionate about.  If it's fun, it doesn't feel like work, does it?

Decide if you are going to be only offline (brick and mortar), only online (web-based) or a combination of the two (clicks and mortar.) 

Investigate what kind of effort and capital you are going to be able/willing to invest in your business.

Take stock of all the above.  Still want to open a business?

Okay!  Now is the time to formulate a plan to get there.  Naturally, I recommend my Master Design program.  It will take you from discovering your passion/mission to where you want to be in the next 3 years... and how to get there.

I don't recommend that you quit your current job in favor of your new business, until you have it going well.  This is an established concept... it has been called "moonlighting", "side business", "home-based business", and many other terms.)  Of course, if your situation has already left you without a job... then you need to start scrambling, don't you?

And, by the way, I really do think that everyone should work on starting their own business... even if it is just a small "coffee table" business that can be worked on for an hour in the evenings and on weekends.




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