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"So, am I crazy?"

No, you're not crazy.  You are normal.  Perhaps you have heard of psychologists and motivational speakers refer to "self talk"?  That's the conversation you carry on with yourself in your head.

Now be aware that your "lizard brain" can't talk.  All it can do is feel and act.  But it does "think" and it does try to operate for your survival and safety.  And it does communicate… just not in words.  And you can get a message across to it.

So, to eliminate the resistance of your inner self that is trying to keep you on the right path (safety, survival, success), you do just what you would do if you were dealing with a good friend who was trying to do the same:  you have a talk with him/her and explain why the objection they have is not valid.  But you do it in a respectful way, aware that their intention is for your good.

Quite often, that is all that is necessary.  Many, many times, it is like the rest of us, just wanting to be heard.  Once it is certain that you have really heard and appreciated it's input, it lets the objection go, secure that you will take that into account and make the right decision (right as in what's best for you, not the "right" that some of us use that means "what I want to happen.")

As you explain, be sure to listen for more "yeah buts" from your inner self.  They will either indicate that you haven't adequately explained it, or that there are more issues to address.

And if it takes more than that?  Then you will have to try additional measures - EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or similar self-help; work with a coach; or you may have to get help from a therapist - psychologist, hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner, etc.  (Don't bother with affirmations, they have been shown to be ineffective.)

To recap:  if the inner objection is valid, either quit trying to do what is wrong for you OR eliminate the reason that it is valid.  If the inner objection is invalid, then respectfully talk to your inner self and explain (or show) it why the objection is not relevant in this situation.

Action Step:

State your goal and look/feel for the "yeah buts" that come up for you.

Once you have them identified, look at each one and determine if it is valid.  If it's not, then have a talk with yourself and explain why it's not valid.  Be sure to listen for rebuttals (more 'yeah buts").  Address those as appropriate.

Need some help identifying your "yeah buts"?  Or maybe you have them nailed but aren't sure how to turn them into "yeah, let's go"?  Or maybe you are having problems convincing that inner voice that it's really okay.

If so, you may be a perfect candidate for Coaching For Success.  Because we all need a little help from time to time.

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