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Thank you.  Now on to scheduling your Free Session!

Click on the blue "Go" button below to go to a scheduling page.  It will show the times that I am available for a free session.

The top of the page will give you step by step instructions and walk your through setting up a time with me.  Basically, you select one of the available half-hour blocks and fill in your contact information.  Leave the location blank. 

If you want, you may put "Phone" in the Message block.  If you want to talk via Skype or Yahoo Messenger, please indicate that in the message section, also.

When you click Send Invitation, the scheduling software requires you to confirm the email address you entered.  (I realize that this is a lot of email checking and address confirmations and I apologize for it. I am continuing to work to eliminate it where I can, but your privacy is important to me.   These steps are in place to prevent prank sign-ups with your email address and to ensure you only get emails that you really want.)

Once you have confirmed the email, I will get an email alerting me to your session.  If there are any other questions or logistics that we need to take care of, we will do it by email once the initial appointment is set.

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