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The Genius Symbols

Your Portal to Creativity, Imagination and Innovation

The Genius Symbols are the result of nearly five decades of research and testing, led by Dr. Silvia Hartmann.

Only recently introduced, the Genius Symbols are 23 unique symbols which form an "alphabet" for conscious communication with the whole mind (including the hidden aspects of the mind).  This breakthrough represents the "Rosetta Stone" for the mind.

It works with the structure of the mind to provide clean, ecological interactions with our own minds to provide those "aha" breakthrough insights.

It is incredibly simple and straightforward.  So much so that a five year old child can use them.  Yet the insights that are generated would be considered the work of genius.  It works whether you are a novice to creativity or an accomplished Project Sanctuary player.

Where could you use a touch of genius?

  • Business
  • Strategy
  • Personal Development
  • Problem Solving
  • Idea Generation
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Intelligence Enhancement
  • Overcoming Personal Obstacles and self-sabotage

Yes, I have used the Genius Symbols.  And, yes, they are the next level in Personal Development and Intelligence Enhancement.

Want to learn more about the Genius Symbols?  Or perhaps you want to get your very own copy?  Check it out here.



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