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Hiring the Right Person

Getting It Right (cont.)...


What can the notes do for you?

When you have actually hired the person, the notes will help you stay on track as you evaluate them over the year. But they have a more immediate purpose.

Those notes let you get the skills and qualities you want out of your head and on paper. That frees up your mind to think of other things without worrying about remembering it all (and possibly overlooking or forgetting something when you need it.) Once you have them down and review the list you will possibly think of more. Go ahead, write them down, too. Now review what you have written.

Using whatever system works for you--

  • separate sheet of paper
  • numbers and symbols
  • colored sticky dots
  • your own special system

separate them into:

  • must-haves
  • nice-to-haves
  • absolutely-cannot-haves.

(These last usually occur to you somewhere in the process and it is useful to have them noted somewhere. We will be using these as we craft the interview questions.)

Transfer these to a fresh sheet of paper with separate sections for each group above (must-haves, etc.). Review what you have with the question "if someone showed up with the must-haves (and nothing else), would I hire them?" If the answer is no, then you have more to add to the must-haves. Keep doing that until you have a set of qualities, skills, and abilities that you can live with. Congratulations! You have just determined your minimum requirements. Almost.

What else do you need?

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