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Living Your Life On Purpose


Living your life on purpose.  How would you like to do that?  Most people don't, you know.

 Live Life on Purpose
Most people live the lives they were handed by their parents, or by their school guidance counselor, or by what their peer group was doing.  You read in the paper or hear in the news about people who "got in with the wrong crowd" and ended up living a life that resulted in criminal proceedings.  And after that, they found it even harder to live a life on purpose.

But it can be done.

I won't tell you that I live my life on purpose all the time in all areas.  That would be dishonest… and it would require a superman.  But I keep working on it… and have done it a lot in my life.

Are you in a career that you chose… or was it chosen for you?  Perhaps even worse than that, it was one you fell into.  Maybe you were looking for a job, any job, in a tight economic market and found one. 

Then you moved up a little… and again… and soon, you discovered that years had gone by and you didn't just have a job -- you had a career.  Whether you liked it or not.

 And, of course, if you didn't like it, there were those "golden handcuffs" that prevented you from starting all over with something you chose.

But perhaps you like your job and your career… even if you didn't choose it.  I am always in favor of liking your job and your career.  I am also in favor of living your life on purpose and being in control of your life.  (As much control as any of us can have, anyway.)

How many "ex-lawyers" have you run into?  I know I have run into a lot.  A year or two ago there was a statistic that the number of lawyers in the United States was stable because about as many lawyers quit practicing law as graduated from law school.  Why would that be?  Because they weren't living their lives on purpose. 

How do you live a life on purpose?

Somebody, somewhere, told them that law was a good profession and they could make good money in it.  Is that true?  It can be -- IF you are a good fit for the demands of "lawyering" and you would do it even if there wasn't any money in it.

So how do you live a life on purpose -- especially regarding a career?  It helps to know your purpose (also called your mission).  What is it that you "can't not do"?  If you don't know (and want help with finding out) I have a program that will guide you to it.  Ponder the implications it has for the rest of your working life and consider the benefits of working with me on it.

But life is not just a job or a career (even though that takes up a huge chunk of our waking hours.)

Life is also about the things we do with our free time, our families and those who are dear to us, about the friends we make and the impact we have on the world.  Are you living a life on purpose there, as well?

I hope so.  But I suspect not.  Why would I say that?  Because I know so few people who actually live any part of their lives on purpose. 

Why don't most people live their lives on purpose?  Part of it is because of how our brains are wired.  Our brains are tilted in favor of reaction instead of proaction (which, if it isn't a word, should be).  Kevin Hogan calls it our lizard-brain wanting to bask in the sun.  We hang around doing very little until danger threatens, then we react to it.

But that is not the only part of our brains.  We also have emotional brains and thinking brains.  And when we know the right combination, we can use those to choose a life of purpose… on purpose.

It is beyond the scope of this article to go into detail about how we do that -- entire books have been written on it.  But I will share that in many ways it is like judo -- using the wiring we have and the natural tendencies we have in ways that create self-reinforcing habits to overcome that lizard brain.

In fact, we now know that as we think in certain ways, we actually rewire the brain.  And that rewiring can be helpful to living a life on purpose or it can reinforce the lizard brain.  And the wonderful thing about that… is that we get to choose.

To quote from the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, "Choose wisely."

Are you ready to live your life on purpose?

But maybe you are wondering how to know what that purpose is? I have good news!  I have developed a program to help people just like you discover that purpose.  I call it the Mission Discovery program.

The Mission Discovery program has helped people just like you discover what it is "they can't not do".  And once they discover it, they are on the road to new horizons in their life.  Now they have a touchstone for career satisfaction, for personal fulfillment, and for achieving a rich, passion-filled life. 

What are you waiting for?  Click on the link for Mission Discovery and get all the details.  Soon, you will learn what you are built for... and can be begin to enjoy showing the world who you truly are. 



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