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Project Sanctuary

The Greatest Virtual Reality Game in the World!

Project Sanctuary?  What is that about?  Isn't that weird name?

Well, yes... and no.  According to Dr. Silvia Hartmann, the author of the book Project Sanctuary, it has a specific reason for the name.  Sanctuary, of course, because it is about sanctuary--a restful, peaceful place of refuge, even holy.  And Project because it is an ongoing project... one that never really ends.

Project Sanctuary is a way to unleash the creativity that resides within each of us. 

It is also a place we can go to find healing and refreshment. 

Because it engages our minds and uses the structures of our humanity, it is both very natural and very powerful.

What can you do with it?

Hmmm.  So very many things that we would run out of space before we could list them all... if we could even think of them all.  But here are a few things:

  • Write a novel from the stories it generates
  • Invent new devices and technologies - then test them out, correct them, and perfect them... all in your mind  (Just like Nicholai Tesla did)
  • Play virtual reality games that would boggle the most powerful computers and software... while being more vivid than any computer game or RPG
  • Experience alien worlds and cultures
  • Find solutions to pressing problems... including those where you, yourself, are the problem


Want to learn more?  Then click here to find out more about Project Sanctuary.

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