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Is that a valid point?  It certainly can be.  Are there alternatives to a new wardrobe?  Are there creative ways to replace your wardrobe inexpensively?  Yes, especially since you would be passing through several sizes (in them temporarily on your way to a permanent, smaller size.)  Since it is a transition wardrobe, you don't have to replace your entire closet with the new (transition) size.  A few coordinated pieces that mix and match can be quite effective (and much less expensive.)  Additionally, there may resale shops and clothing co-ops where members swap out clothes to reduce the cost factor of the transition wardrobe.

Mary ended up doing both of the options above.  She shopped resale shops for just the right outfits that would mix and match.  As a result of her careful shopping, her new coordinated outfits cost less than one of her previous dresses that was purchased new at an upscale shop that catered to large women.

Another "yeah, but" for Mary was one that often turns up for others, too, "I will have to give up everything I enjoy eating in order to lose weight."

Is that a valid point?  It can be.  Certain diets are notorious for only allowing you to eat foods that will reduce your weight quickly.  These are not typically effective in the long term.  And one of the reasons they are not effective is that they don't take the human body and the human brain (human nature) into account.

The most effective weight-loss diets, however, factor in the need for comfort foods occasionally.  They craft a plan that allows you to enjoy eating while still losing weight.  If you follow one of these plans, the "yeah, but" is not valid.

In Mary's case, she picked a diet plan that would take a little longer to reach her target weight but it allowed her to have "stress release" snacks on occasion.  The extra calories were built into the overall plan and still let her have chocolate cake and certain other things she really liked… on occasion.  For Mary, it worked because she was committed to reaching her goal (and after removing the internal resistance so she didn't have to work against herself.)

Mary had one more "yeah but" surface… and this one was really the core.  It turns out to be pretty common in weight loss  sabotage.  "Yeah, but what if I lose weight and no one thinks I am attractive, then?  I couldn't bear the rejection."

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