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"Your Mission, Should You Decide to Accept It...." 

Do you have a mission for your life (and career and/or business)?

I believe you do.

Now... do you know what that mission is?  My experience is that most people don't.  

If you can't tell someone what your life is about (mission) in less than three sentences, then you probably don't really know what it is about.  And, if you aren't clear on your life, how can you be clear on your business or career?

(By the way, some people use the term "life purpose" when they talk about this stuff instead of "mission".  Some others use the term "life calling".  Not everybody who uses those terms means the same thing I do (although some do), so I am only going to use the term "mission" here.)
I believe in having a personal mission statement so strongly because I have seen what it can do in people's lives... including my own.  I have coached so many whose careers (and businesses) were a conflicting zig-zag because they had no unifying factor.   Once those same people discovered their personal missions, their lives (including their careers and businesses) shot forward... because they had a destination... and it didn't take will-power on their part. They became both driven (in a good way) and drawn (to the fulfillment of their missions.)
Can you operate without a personal mission statement? Sure.  Anyone can operate without discovering their mission.  There is no magic in a personal mission statement... unless it is clarity.
Writing a personal mission statement requires you to become clear on who you are (the core of yourself and your innate talents and drives.) Once you are clear on who you are and what is fundamentally important to you, obstacles begin to get smaller and smaller.  Or is it that you begin to grow larger and larger with a corresponding increase in energy and resources?

"...your energy and your resources grow when you are clear about your mission..."

It's true that your energy and your resources grow when you are clear about your mission.  It happens for several reasons.
1.  You begin to pare away the baggage that doesn't help you in your mission. Lightening the load gives you more energy for the journey.

2.  You connect with the core drivers for your life.  It is like putting dry wood into the boiler of a steam engine instead of waterlogged wood. Your inner fire burns hotter and produces more useful energy.

3.  "You get more of what you set your attention on."  When you set your attention on your clear mission, you begin to find the resources you need that will take you there.

4.  You have a compass to assist you in determining the right route for you. With a clear mission, you can run with opportunities that take you towards fulfilling it, and say "No" to the things that lead you away from it.
Notice that all the metaphors I've used talk about a journey? That's because fulfilling your own personal mission is  a journey... one that will take your whole life to complete.  And knowing your mission makes it an enjoyable journey.  Why?  Because working towards fulfilling your mission is self-rewarding... you get neurological and emotional reinforcement just by doing it.  In other words, it is FUN for you.
Once you have your personal mission identified (and stated), then a mission statement for your business (and/or career) becomes easy.

Action Step

If you don't have a personal mission statement, start working on it.  If you do, revisit it.  Post your mission statement someplace where you will see it every day.  Return to it when life gets discouraging... let it recharge you or point you back to the path.   

 Need help figuring our your mission? Our Mission Discovery - Personal version may be just what you need. 



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